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10 Tips for Dealing with Aging Parents Who Won’t Listen

If you’re struggling with aging parents who refuse help, you’re far from alone: A whopping 77% of adult children believe their parents are stubborn about taking their advice or getting help with daily tasks, according to a study by researchers at Penn State University. Check out these tips when talking to your aging parents about Assisted Living:

  1. Initiate the Conversation Early
  2. Understand your parent’s concerns and behaviors
  3. Evaluate your loved one’s current situation
  4. Be calm, but stay persistent
  5. Step back when things are out of your control
  6. Create a support system for your parents
  7. Treat your aging parents like adults
  8. Ask them to do it for the kids (or grandkids)
  9. Find an outlet for your feelings (Choose your battles and don’t beat yourself up)
  10. Plan ahead – and talk about those plans

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